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Default Rejected for No Reason

Every time this happens, I laugh.


Have at it.
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My guess - PEQ. "Not enough light on the nose".

Yes, there are probably hundreds accepted, some good, some not so good and I think this one falls into the latter - not so good.

Sometimes it works, sometimes, not so much. For my own tastes, it's just too dark and actually not even a silhouette as you can just barely make out the logo and some color (again, sometimes it works, sometimes, not so much).

Maybe if the train's silhouette stood out better from the otherwise blended in dark brush /trees, you'd have a pic easier to appeal. Nice sky /sunset.

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Where is Big Bend? Delaware Bend, Bend Bridge, Defiance, Sherwood, I would probably accept any of them heck I might even go with Ashwood. But Big Bend, Ohio?
-Brent Kneebush
Defiance, Ohio
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I like it.
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Not a fan of the crop - take some off the top and off the left.
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