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Default Two Questions

1. I am thinking about switch photo editing software from Picasa. Any recommendations for free software?

2. I had a pic (the first of the two) get dinged for Poor Image Quality. I thought that it wasn't fixable, but is it? Is it a problem with compression maybe?
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i use paint.net www.paint.net works good for me, doesn't have all the bells and whistles of photoshop but what free program will.
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I use irfanview, and raw therapee for all of my shots.

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In Picasa when you go to export your photo that you are done editing what one do you export as. Maximum or custom for image quality?

I use custom at 100 and I don't have a problem. I found that if you set it to maximum it compresses the photo to much. File sizes on Maximum were around 300 to 400kb (Atleast from the files from my camera and I shoot in RAW) and the photo quality wasn't good. I changed it over to custom 100 and file sizes jumped to 1mb or more. It looked like the photo I just edited.

Hope this helps.
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