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Originally Posted by medic_pilot
A UP paint scheme honoring Bush? I think I'm going to vomit now...
Thats what we have the BNSF vomit bonnet for!

Originally Posted by fuente1
hehehehe. Just ride it out till 2008!
For all of us left-wingers: White House put a positive spin on Bush IIs 39% approval rating, theyre calling him the "president of the minorties."

I wouldnt think its a good move make clear UPs political sidings [even though its obvious since they gave the most to W04 re-election of any railroad*], especally when they think Bush I is good enough to be honored with a locomotive. Seriously seems like UP overlooked a lot of better presidents. Remember, politcal favors come in handy when theres a law UP doesnt really like, such as one on the environment or labor. I'll boycott a company for their political beliefs [*cough cough Walmart*].

*source: Franken, Al, "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" [and he sourced it to some news article with i dont know off hand]
~Mike Bjork

UP's new slogan for Amtrak:
"We'll help you spread you wings and fly right into a siding!"

TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS!!! May the fun never end!
I'm a traitor! Im on! But all my plane shots involve trains!

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