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Default Upload failed

A new rejection tactic?

Seriously though, two days ago I uploaded two shots which were both accepted. When I tried a third one, the upload failed (my daily limit is 3).

The next day I tried the same shot and the upload failed again. Then I tried a different shot from the same batch - same result. Next, I tried a shot taken on a different date, the upload was fine and the shot was accepted.

The only possible reason I can come up with is that the failed uploads were shot on a different memory card to those that were accepted.

Could that possibly have something to do with it? Anyone had the same problem before?

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I've had this problem a couple of times. I had to start editing from scratch and after that the photos uploaded just fine.
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Could be any number of things - shame RP does not specify which other then occasionally noting "size /dimensions".

Verify the following meet guidelines:

Unlayered (flattened) JPEG's only
Standard characters for the file name (no punctuation, dashes, ect).


I've noticed when the primary subject is a dog, you may have some problems too, but not always.
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