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Default FEMA Trains and Fall Color

A trip report. Of course, you've probably figured that out by now. If not, then may God have mercy on your soul.

Saturday, 10/29/05

NS has been running the FEMA trains (041, 042, 043, and 044) for two months, but I had yet to catch one in good light and during a daylight run. The only exception was an 042 at the beginning of October, but it wasn't in good light. So, when we found out that there was a stellar chance that 043 would make a daylight run over the CNO&TP, Emmett and I headed out to get some shots of it.

It wasn't too long before 043 arrived in Danville behind a GP60 and a GP50 which seems to be the standard power for these trains.

Image ©
Photograph ©

After that, we head down to Palm and wait for it. With the train being unbelievably hot, it wouldn't be in Danville for very long. The train shows up and we both get shots, although mine didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Ah well.

Originally, the plan was to shoot 043 and head back to the house and wait on 111, but that didn't happen. We went back up to the wye to hang out for a little bit and 375 showed up. Also, there were a few trains coming off the LS and 375 would be meeting 111 at Talmage.

We head over to Harrodsburg to get a shot of 375 through town, and decide on shooting at the creek in the middle of town. I opt for the uber-artsy shot and frame the cab with the bridge railing.


Boy, that sure is a long URL. It's on to Talmage after that to get some shots of 111 with that EMDX 75. Leading is UP 3828, which some immaculate paint not normally seen. Instead of going back to the house, we head back to Hogtown...again...to find a suitable side shot to get the 2nd unit in the shot as well. We settled on the Bellows Mill Rd. crossing.


Hey, another long URL. That was the last shot of the day, and we headed to the house to plan a fall color expedition for the next day.

Sunday, 10/30/05

An excellent lineup and exellent weather greeted Emmett, Randy, and myself this morning. We headed south for a semi-fall color expedition. We started off with 223 in Danville with a Conrail SD50 and a pair of SD60's trailing. This comes into play later...

We head south and wait at (where else?) Bowen. for a little bit until things start moving. We hear 283 leaving and head down to Geneva to catch it. Another southound (179) is on the way as well and we head over to the bridge only to find out that it's not much of a shot. So it's back to Geneva where we catch 216 and 179. 216 was its usual monstrous self. It's now on to South Fork where we wait on 223. We watch 160 go by, and while waiting on 223, I got this shot of the rail near the CP.

Image ©
Photograph ©

223 shows up and utterly smokes us before Randy even starts the truck up. Those EMD's sure are fast, eh? A break in the action gives us some time to grab some lunch. If you're ever at the Kings Mtn. Shell, the restaurant there has some excellent food.

It's on south a little farther after that, and we catch 117 at Gradison. 143 is behind them with a GP38-2, and it's decided that Norwood is probably the best place to catch it.

Image ©
Photograph ©

We debate on whether or not to wait for the next southbound. After 143 gets an approach at "Southern States" we head south and hope we'll get around it. We do, and almost miss it again at Burnside. We decided to pull off the road at the south end of the bridge to catch 111. Amazingly, this location is seldom photographed, but here's 111 at the south end.


After it passes, we get shots at the north end of the bridge of 144 which had a few wide loads on the head end.

Image ©
Photograph ©

We start heading north again, and miss 123. It had a GE, so that's not big loss. We get to Waynesburg where 144 will meet 177. Both trains were unbelievably heavy and 177 only had 2 locomotives. While waiting for both trains, I shot a detail of the old style searchlight signals.


At this point, the light is all but gone. So what do smart railfans do in that situation? They head to the house. It was quite an enjoyable weekend, and the first time I'd been out two days in a row in a LONG time. Anyway, until next time, hope y'all enjoy and thanks for looking!
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Originally Posted by cmherndon
At this point, the light is all but gone. So what do smart railfans do in that situation?
They take advantage of the dark and shoot some night shots. Nice story again, Caleb!

Click on n691lf.rrpicturearchives.net for a good laugh and waste of your time.
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