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Default Rejections: something to think about...

First off, I'm a "railfan nobody", have been one for close to 35 years; had a photo published only once, and my photos here on RP total a whopping 15. I don't know Chris or any of the other owners or screeners on this site.

Have read with interest all the stuff about rejected photos. Good points, bad points, no point at all, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, there's something the rejected, broken hearted ones need to step back and think about. If I'm not eloquent or long winded enough, please forgive me.

If I like a photo, any photo, no matter what it is of, no matter what the sun angle, subject matter, cloudiness, rarity, how it was or wasn't coupled, who took it, what type of photo equipment, sharpness, blurriness, composure, horizon level, and on and on and on, then I download it onto my hard drive and save it for my enjoyment and nothing or nobody else. Period.

I don't care what anyone thinks about my reasons for downloading it. I don't care whether you think you're the worst photog in the world, or the best, whether you're from the east coast or the west coast, from North America or Iraq, whether you're old or young, male or female, yada, yada, yada, I don't care. What your feelings are about my reasons for downloading it don't matter, cause I own my "site" (computer), and I'll do with it what I d*** well please. If I want to change my standards for downloading, I'll do it; if I'm not consistent with my standards, then so what, again it's my "site" (computer), configured and paid for by me and no one else.

You have ABSOLUTELY no say whatsoever in what I do with my "site" (computer). If you want to view the photos on my "site" (computer), then you are more than welcome to do so, but if you gripe and complain for more than a few minutes about what you see, well then you can just leave. If you stay and persist with your rant, I will remove you from my "database" (home) myself, and will not be invited back until you realize that this is my "site" (computer), and I'll have on it anything that I want (within the bounds of moral and ethical allowances).

So what is the difference between my "site" (computer), and Chris and the other owners site? One's mine and the other's his, we both have a bunch of photos on them, and we both can do with them what we want, 'cause we created them!

Why do a few select individuals think they can make demands about anything they see on a site that they had no interest in creating? Just who the h*** do they think they are?

I'm done. Just something to think about.

"I dug 'dem boats when diggin' em wasn't cool"

"Why are the crazy people so enamorate of all things EMD?" [Holloran Grade]


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Why do a few select individuals think they can make demands about anything they see on a site that they had no interest in creating? Just who the h*** do they think they are?
Glad to see common sense out there. Awesome post, BarrySr...
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