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Default Underexposed ??

Well,maybe,but that was just the result I was after - worth an appeal or just let go ? Your thoughts appreciated.

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In a case where the issue is pure artistic intent, I'm in the can't-hurt-to-appeal club. I'm not a big fan of the shot, but if it is what you want it to be, then appeal is the only way to get it on in that form.

Personally, I will sometimes lighten a shot for RP, if it isn't too much. For me that occurs mostly on overcast/snow shots. But I know the result isn't exactly what I saw or was thinking of, and when I do that I am OK with it.
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Default Deja vu?

I swear I have seen this image....or one very much like it....in an almost identical thread in the past. Maybe I am just imagining that.

The lighting is interesting, but for me personally, the angle on the train is not very interesting at all. The train has good side-light on it, but because of the steep angle, I can't see the side all that well. The nose isn't interesting, because it is black. It's not really much of a silhouette because the black nose blends with the black background around it.

I think the screener is saying that for this angle to work, we need to see more detail in the nose, hence the underexposed rejection. Otherwise, it is a not-very-interesting subject in light that had a lot of potential. At least, that's my $.02. That and another $4.50 might get you a double latte at Starbucks.

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Looks good to me.

Kent in SD
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I think it looks cool but I can also see the too dark issue.

I like the silhouette attempt and I think it could work. However it appears that this picture is out of focus?

Maybe play with turning up the exposure and the contrast and see if you can find something that's brighter but keeps the darkness in the shadows.

I like the way you're thinking with the colors and the tones in this.
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