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Default Kiss Of Death ?

I would imagine that the "backlit/no light on nose" rejection is the kiss of death for this shot,but would there be a glimmer of hope if it were lightened a touch more ?


Maybe not,but I'd be interested in others views.
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I don't think it fits the aspect ratio requirement?? and is slightly below the min of 1024.

Bob Jordan
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Yup, 921x1000, RP does not like squares. Nothing wrong with a near-square, but RP just doesn't like the format.
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MassArt Images
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That's another inane rejection. Maybe the nose should be a little darker??

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Red face

Originally Posted by MassArt Images View Post
That's another inane rejection.
I agree. Backlit is really not a good reason, there is plenty of light on the nose. The aspect ratio should be driven by the aesthetics of the image, not by some arbitrary rule. But the screeners make the rules and they didn't like the image. I think it is a very good image, not great but certainly better than many that get accepted. But obviously the screeners would disagree with me. But it is their place. Which is why I have a Flickr site and only post here occasionally.
John West
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I tend to agree with the size requirements only in the sense of their page layouts. While I might like the way this one looks I can see their point.

The backlit rejection???? Most I see the nose is not too dark and like in this case there is plenty of diffused light. Trying too hard to hide it doesn't seem to work.
The photos where the nose is truly dark, sunsets, storm light are accepted as creative I guess. Problem I see it encourages shooting the same location and eliminates other good ones reducing variety.

Oh I forgot the window cleaner exception, smile.
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