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Default Rail Action or the Lack Thereof

On Tuesday, a friend and I headed south to shoot CSX on the KD Sub. We left at 0645 and were over there a little less than an hour later. After finding a place where the light is perfect, AQ dispatcher tells a maintenance crew that he has three northbounds to run. We head down to Morley to get those three, after which the traffic died due to the track gangs on the main. Since nothing was running south out of Corbin, the decision was made to head back over to Stearns and shoot NS where we catch three southbounds. After that, we called it a day, and headed over to the shooting range.

On Wednesday, Emmett and I hung out around Danville for a few hours before the clouds rolled in. NS wasn't running much of anything either as the only southbound we had a remote chance of catching was 229. However, there was a railgrinder working #2 track between SJ Tower and Faulkner. However, after 229 passed, the southbound traffic died and the clouds started to roll in. We called it a day after that. The photographic highlights of the two days are as follows.

http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=84424 - BNSF power leads Q210-07 north at Morley.
http://www.cmherndon.com/csxphotos/e23607110904/ - Empty coal train E236-07 passes the maintenance equipment in the clear.
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=84425 - 143 at Stearns, passing the water tower.
http://www.cmherndon.com/nsphotos/ns283110904/ - 283 through the S-curve at Stearns. The small building to the left is the now dormant K&T scale house.

http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=84426 - The railgrinder works the #2 track at North Wye.
http://www.cmherndon.com/other/grindingheads/ - The grinding heads in action, throwing a few sparks.
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=84427 - The usually short 229. Why couldn't that 2nd unit be leading?

Hope y'all enjoy, and thanks for looking!
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