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Default Winchester & Western expanding Inwood, WV yard

One item I forgot to mention in my sightings report from 11/11 was that I noticed they were starting to grade along the west side of the WW main through Inwood. It's a bit of a stretch to call what they have there a "yard" as all it consists of at present is a one track siding along the east side of the main. A check confirmed what I was thinking-- they are going to build an entirely new siding along the west side of the main and extend the east siding, as well. This should bring some greatly needed relief on those days when the 86 has a big train and there are other cars around Inwood. Some days the crew has been handling over 100 cars in the present configuration, and there is simply just not enough room to handle it all. So, by early next year, Inwood will actually be looking a little more like a yard, rather than a short passing siding with a crew shack.
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