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Default Speaking of the South Branch Valley...

Since I'll be in the area next week for WV Rails (yes, I'm still going to show my support depiste 734 not being there), I believe the SBVR runs freight Monday-Friday. I'll be out chasing the Romney to Petersburg & return excursion, and was wondering if there's any freight scheduled to run that day or if any "extra" runs will be made?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
-Mike Huhn
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Originally Posted by Miketherailfan View Post
...was wondering if there's any freight scheduled to run that day or if any "extra" runs will be made?
All depends on when CSX shows up with a train or when the plant needs cars moved in or out.

- Chris
- Christopher Blaszczyk
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My best guess is that they will run some grain down to Moorefield prior to all the events getting started. Turkeys still need to eat, regardless of what's going down on the line. If there are any events going on Friday, I'd expect southbound grain on Thursday, provided CSX has gotten it to them. If you see power at Greenspring Wednesday night or Thursday morning, they are probably going south to Moorefield, and should be on the move around 0900 since the crew is driving up from Moorefield on an 0700 call.
Mike Derrick

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