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Default Wheeling & Lake Erie Around Pittsburgh

Does anyone know if there's anything on the WE in the Pittsburgh area on a Saturday or Sunday? I plan to be in the area on an upcoming weekend and I'd love to see something there. Also, if anyone has any other useful info (i.e. methods of operation, scanner frequencies, photo ops, etc.) I'd appreciate it.
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Rook Yard at Greentree, PA is where they are based in the Pittsburgh area. The east end is not the busiest, or most predictable, portion of the WLE system. We had this topic come up some time ago, so I will link back to that thread.

I would expect WLE may not do all that much on a weekend, but you never know. However, if that is a bust, AVR should run their interchange train from Glenwood Yard to the NS at Island Ave. Yard.


BTW, check the response from PLE Zero for a link to the WLE discussion board. Lots of recent discussion on activity, or lack thereof, on the east end.

Hope this helps out, and feel free to let us know how your trip goes.
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I wouldn't count on taking photos of anything moving on the Wheeling. Things have been dead on the east end all summer. You should be able to shoot rosters of 303 and 304 at Rook along with 7355.

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PLEzero is right. I live in Connellsville which is on the extreme east end of W&LE. We don't get much around here in the summer from them. If they do come around it is in the dead of night. In the winter they seem busier, with more coal and gondola trains.
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