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Default Att: Altoona, PA no longer valid city name.

Just a note to those who may be posting images from Altoona, PA two weeks from now - the name of the city will be: "Pom Wonderful Presents: the Greatest Movie Ever Sold".

That's right... sadly, Altoona, PA has sold it's name to director Morgan Spurlock for use in his upcoming movie for a meer $25,000.00. The city
will be known as "Pom Wonderful Presents: the Greatest Movie Ever Sold" until June, 2011.


The movie does a good job in proving it's point... but at the same time, perhaps, disproves it's point as those participating stand much to gain.

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Sounds like it might be a cool movie.

I can't remember which season, maybe last winter, but Washington, PA renamed itself Steelers, PA for the duration of the NFL playoffs.
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If I'm the mayor of a town on four square, can I rename it to my choosing?

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deleted post
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