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Default Looking for shortlines in southern CA

Hello everyone. I live in the City of San Bernardino and I'm looking for shortlines in the area. If anyone has info such as name of and location it would be much appreciated.

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Off the top of my head.

Pacific Harbor Line runs out of Wilmington, CA.

Los Angeles Junction is in downtown LA (but has recently been using leased BNSF power).

Ventura County Rlwy is in Oxnard, CA

Southwest Portland Cement (now a new name) runs from Victorville, east.

US Gypsum runs from Plaster City, CA to a mine near-ish Palm Springs.

San Diego & Arizona Eastern is in San Diego.

Pacific Sun is in San Diego.

Santa Maria Valley is in Santa Maria, CA.

Fillmore & Western runs passenger trains out of Fillmore, CA.
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