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Unhappy DB photos

Unfortunately, despite a thread on this subject in March, there is still a lot of choas in the DB photo section of the site, specifically the "Railway Name" segment.
I hate to be nit-picky, but being a statistician, I have a liking for complete and accurate data. So it pains me to go to seach photos and be shown X amount for "DB", another X amount of different photos for "Deutsche Bahn", and so on.
So I propose these standards for photos being uploaded:
Depending on the date of the photo, the Railway Name box sohuld say:

1920-45: Deutsche Riechsbahn
1945-90 (East) Deutsche Riechsbahn
1945-90 (West) Deutsche Bundesbahn
1990-Now Deutsche Bahn

The term "Die Bahn" is not the name of the railway, it is shortened from Deutsche Bahn AG.

The phrase DB should only occur in the Comments or Train box: eg. "DB BR140 006-2 leads an express to..."

If anybody can spot mistakes point them out, I think I made a few...
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The problem with this site, at the moment anyway, is that it is massively dominated by the US and the number of foreigners is minute. Therefor it is not, yet, worth it to divert programming/editing time to sort out anything beyond North America.

This problem goes beyond DB. By my last count 3 months ago there where 4 variations on "the Netherlands". Not to mention the train operators from there.
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Luckily we managed to deal with this problem in the Poland section... It took us a while, but we made it..

I wanted to ask about Deutsche Bahn and the proper locomotive names and locomotive numbers.
Take a look at this photo: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=97095

What is the proper name for this loco? We called it 232 but there are a lot of different variations. That's a big problem because due to all those incorrect/different names you can't see all the photos of a certain locomotive just by clicking on it's name.

Another thing, how should the locomotive number look?

You really have a big problem with the unification of your part of database. You should quickly create some guidelines and start correcting. If you'll need help I'm here..
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For Germany the first 3 digits of any serial number denotes the type. So the photo you linked to (232 125-5) means this a type 232. Or in German "Baureihe 232".

However, I am not sure if the same applies to trains build in the former DDR! It probably does, since the train in your photo is East German if I am not mistaken.
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Richard klok
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In east germany, it was reversed, what now is a BR143, in the DDR it was a 243, what was a 132, is now a 232 .
EMU, DMU, Shunter had the same ''gattung'' as they now have, 3**, 4** and 6**
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