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  1. BarrySr
    03-05-2009 02:53 PM
    Hey Nick, I see you're about to get the goat of Chris again .

    Anyway, did the snail mail get that money order to you yet? I have the receipt here, so if I need to get snooping, let me know. My XSi is itching to get some night tryouts.

    BTW, not that it's a big deal to you, but I think I found out where the stripping of the exif data is happening; when I save for web. Tried just save as and I see that my thumbnails in my cue folder have date, etc. on them. Haven't loaded anything else digital so the next time should confirm or deny.

    Again, thanks for your valued advice!

  2. BarrySr
    02-15-2009 11:43 PM
    Hey, otter, just trying out this page. Even though I'm twice your age, I've learned twice as much digital knowledge from you as anyone else.

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