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Mgoldman 09-02-2018 04:10 PM

Adobe Lightroom - thumbs not matching full res images
Yet another oddity I've encountered in LR - what's the deal /fix?

Thumbs on the bottom look great, but when you open in the develop module, they look like the thumbs for a millisecond but then brighten up and loose saturation (or today, as a surprise, saw some thumbs open and get much darker). Afterwards, the thumb changes to match the high res image in the develop mode - and there's no way to ever bring the original - typically much nicer image back other than perhaps looking at the next frame - but if you open that, it repeats as stated above.

Assume that is LR taking the JPEG version and converting it to its best guess adaptation of the RAW? Annoying - in some cases, it takes time to get the image BACK to the more appealing thumb preview.


On a side note - does anyone use the AdobePRO color profile? Verse the more standard sRGB? I've noticed in the past, some add-on filters do not work well with AdobePRO - offer up bronze like tints, and posting AdobePRO images on RP often resulted in purple vs blue skies.

miningcamper1 09-02-2018 07:56 PM

Is re-installing Lightroom an option for you?

Mgoldman 09-04-2018 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by miningcamper1 (Post 194678)
Is re-installing Lightroom an option for you?

Thanks for the response - sorry for the delay in response.

I just did a re-install for other reasons. This was an issue when I first installed LR and on later re-installs, regardless of version.

I'm guessing there is a non-default setting to preserve the JPEG look (assume this would be the RAW image with in camera settings applied (Sharpness, Saturation, Tone, Contrast) when opening the RAW image in the Develop Module. Or... more likely, the thumbs are the camera JPEGS with in camera settings applied but when opening the Develop Module - you are looking at the actual often flat and dull camera RAW images. Sadly, the LR thumbs change to match the image in the Develop Module and as a consequence, you need to "work" to get them back and lose sight of what you already had - ie; sky turns from blue to white, shadow detail vaporizes, colors turn bland. Not an issue I assume if you actually shoot in JPEG.

Not much an issue for RAW either - just thought there was a way to carry over those in-camera preferences for instances where no editing would be required.


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