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spacetrain1983 06-17-2017 01:14 AM

Ex-BN C30-7s at Alliance... are they still there?
Hey everyone. Next month I am going to be going on a trip out east to South Dakota and western Nebraska. There is a possibility that on the way back from South Dakota, I will be passing through Alliance, Nebraska. As of last September, according to photos on this site, there was still a pair of BN C30-7s sitting derelict there and if they are still there I plan to go see them if possible. The latest satellite imagery of Alliance is from 2013 so it is no help. Does anyone know if the C30-7s are still there?

Kyle Korienek 06-19-2017 03:06 AM

I shot them last month, they are still there, I wouldn't worry too much about them going away, but stop by and shoot them, you won't be disappointed.

troy12n 06-20-2017 12:26 AM

What's the story on these 2 units? Waiting to be cut up on site?

ShortlinesUSA 06-21-2017 01:51 PM

After being stored for several years, BNSF advertised them for sale a couple of years ago. No buyer so far. I think the outcome you suggest is most probable when that buyer finally comes along.

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