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mowingman 06-09-2018 02:01 AM

Nebraska Northwestern - Chadron,Ne.
This small short line is alive and doing ok so it appears. I stopped by their office and shops in Chadron today and met some very nice folks there. They have storage for about 900 cars and the yard in Chadron held a lot of coal gons and tankers. They also have nice car repair shop facilities and do some of that work too. The line runs about 5 days/week on the average. A couple of days they handle cars for a large grain elecator just west of Chadron on the main. About 3 days/ week the run out to their interchange withe the RCP&E at Dakota Jct.
RCP&E drops cars from Up in the Rapid City area there and turns bacc north. Through some agreement, NNW picks up those cars and delivers them, via trackage rights, on into Crawford to the BNSF. They bring cars back east and leave them at Dakota Jct for RCP&E. The deal seems to work well.
Motive power includes 5 engines, 2 stored and 3 operational.
Sd9 NRI 614, Cnw paint, stored OS
SD7 613, SP patch, stored OS
Stored in roundhouse:
SD9, red NNW, daily workhorse
GP7, 49, Cnw paint in service
Parked in yard:
GP9, red NNW, in service
This is a neat short line you don't hear much about.

ShortlinesUSA 06-11-2018 12:37 AM

Definitely don't hear much about this one. Great report!

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