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MassArt Images 11-28-2012 01:17 AM

Planning a trip to the PRB in 2013..info needed
Does anyone wish to share their past experiences from that area. Since I will only have a week, I want to make the most of it. I am planning to go in Sept. and arrive via a flight into Denver. Any other must see places to hit on the way from Denver to Cheyenne?

MassArt Images 08-23-2013 11:06 PM

Itinerary set
The trip is planned for Sept 11th thru the 18th. After arriving in Denver we will head up to Cheyenne following the UP Greely sub north for a night. We will then be heading to the PRB for 4 days staying in Bill,WY. We leave Monday morning and head to Crawford Hill to spend a night at the Ponderosa Ranch. Tuesday morning we head back to Arvada, CO to shoot the UP Moffat sub. We might have a special guest guide to show us around. Wednesday morning also on the Moffatt sub before heading back to Denver for an evening flight back to reality.

The reason I am posting all this is to let my fellow forum friends know that we could acommodate an additional RP'er to join us on this trip. If interested get back to me via PM or email to crmassart@yahoo.com

J 08-24-2013 01:59 AM

Swing by the town of Crawford - helpers are added and it is always interesting to see a loaded coal train accelerating hard for the grade when leaving town. Belmont is the summit - accessible via dirt road from the main highway - a well-constructed highway overpass gives good view of the old main line and you might see a rear end helper cutting off while in motion.

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