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E.M. Bell 10-30-2005 02:50 AM

Saturday afternoon Fema Train
Caleb and myself decided to head out this afternoon (10/29/05) to shoot a 043 Fema train. These trains are carryng housing units from Elkhart Ind to the areas ravaged by the hurricane last Month. I had been trying to shoot one of these since they started running. They always seem to rate good power, not to mention they are newsworthy.

We headed out around 1100, and stopped off in Lawrenceburg (KY) to shoot the T19 local power. This job usually gets a GP38 or GP50, but for the last Two weeks has had a GP59.

Roster of NS 4624

After that it was off towards Danville to wait out the 043. Shorlty after getting to the wye, we hear him on the radio, and decided to shoot him at the Bypass.


While 043 fuels and changes crews at Danville, we head South. I had been wanting to get one of the Fema trains at the big sweeping curve at Palm, and today was my chance. After a brief wait, I got the shot. I had figured this open location would be good to get a good part of the train in the shot, and it worked well. To bad they had Two empty gons behind the power.


http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/043palm102905.jpg A look at the train

http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/fematrailor102905.jpg And a close look at one of the trailors

As we headed back towards home, 375 showed up at the wye, so we deciede to wait till he heads west, and Follow him Towards home. We also had plans to catch NS 111 with a EMDX demo unit on it, so this plan worked out rather well


http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/bnsf5251hbg1005.jpg 375 at Harrodsburg

375 meets 111 at Talmage, and we get a decent shot of 111 as he struggles away from the siding with a monster train, and Three EMD's working hard...pulling a Dead GE


and 111 again , just East of Harrodsburg..hey..a clean UP motor!

and a Roster Shot of EMDX SD70M-2 demo #75

Save The Wave 10-31-2005 11:05 PM

A similar train passed through Princeton, NS train 98E on Saturday. It was led by NS 5061.

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