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John Russell - NZ 03-28-2020 01:55 AM

Rejected photo database lockdown
To the site admins: Please, can we have a lock down for the rejected photo database? How about 30 or 60 days? Surely I'm not the only one frustrated seeing some great forum threads but not being able to see the subject rejected image. The short 7 day period is limiting the usefulness of this forum which I have found excellent in learning more about our hobby and what works and doesn't work here. Thanks to all you guys for your advice. I was in the habit of taking screen shots but I am now submitting images larger than the screen view will show all of. By the way, the much larger maximum image size has really enhanced this site IMO.

JimThias 03-29-2020 01:32 PM

I agree with you, as I don't visit this forum as frequently as I used to, but I also see what I think their point of view might be. People usually want their rejections dealt with as soon as possible, and that usually happens here when one is posted. Having a rejection viewable over a longer period of time is probably not necessary in most cases, and limiting the time the rejection is viewable is probably likely reduces any storage issues.

bigbassloyd 03-30-2020 12:37 AM

I would feel like an additional 7 days would be beneficial here present day. The forum just doesn't have the participation as it used to.

Loyd L.

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