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B7BBQ 09-17-2019 10:16 PM

Changing profile photo?
When I made my RP account like 12ish years ago, I was given the option to upload a photo for my public profile. I'm kind of tired of it, but haven't been able to find a way to change it. I emailed the webmaster, but never got anything back. Anyone know how/if it can be done? Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question.

Edit: not this bloody hand thing on the forums. The one in my actual photography profile.

KevinM 09-19-2019 12:23 PM

You're not alone. None of us can figure out how to do it either. I think the feature may have disappeared with the major redesign of the site, some years ago. Perhaps it is something that only Elite Members can do now. Do you have Elite?

This topic comes up periodically on the Site-Related Forum, but no one has ever found a way.

bigbassloyd 09-26-2019 02:50 PM

I've tried, I've failed. (In both changing the photo and getting a response from somebody with a bigger badge).

Loyd L.

AAPRCO 01-26-2020 03:56 PM

I can't add one. So I have blank spot for mine.

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