Posted by on April 10, 2011 
Outstanding composition, lighting, contrast and use of GOD. Definite PCA vote from me.
Posted by Justin Franz on April 10, 2011 
Great shot!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on April 10, 2011 
I did a Google search on "L&N Church of God" and got nothing... maybe it's now called the "CSX Chuch of God"? Cute shot, Dave. Glad it made it in - must be the handwriting aspect of the subject? For those who have an issue, there are 321,000 other images to move on to.
Posted by David Honan on April 10, 2011 
Thanks, Mitch. As of the last time Google drove through Hazard, the church was still there.
Posted by csxlover on April 10, 2011 
I have heard of some authentic religions, including one for Elvis. This is kind of a first for me.
Posted by K100DS on April 11, 2011 
Nice shot. Truly a piece of American history. Old fashioned hand-lettered signs like that are becoming more and more rare.
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