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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Just curious what your shutter speed was on the blurry shot? I have found that when you're shooting wide angle, and the train gets in your face, shutter speeds like 1/500th, 1/640th, that we're all used to using, are just not good enough. These days, when I intend to let the train get close, I am boosting the ISO to get 1/1000th or better. I have too many from the past that are just a little bit soft on the nose.
I shot this at ISO 100, f8 at 1/250th. I typically shoot somewhere around 1/200 - 1/320. Funny you mention about the softness on the nose because, of the shots I could see the softness/blur, that's where it was. I got one of P030 where the side was fine but the nose, not so much.
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