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The other guy shot...

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Photograph © Dennis A. Livesey

Sean, I would agree that the screener did not like the plume being cut off. In steam shots, the conventional approach is to fully show the plume. Do you have the full plume?

I personally would add that the image is too dark and that could have been part of an unstated screener rejection. Generally in a B&W image you want all tones, from full black to full white, to be present. Here, there is nothing above grey and the shadow detail is hard to see. Keep an eye on your histogram.

Pan shots benefit with both foreground and background being a blur. At this location, obviously we were working with what was there. So on another occasion, if you can get both, it really sells the concept.

Good work on showing the full locomotive and tender and catching it in total sharpness across the entire machine. That is the not easy part of the trick!

I don't take credit for these observations: I learned them at the knee of the Panmaster himself, Mitch Goldman.

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