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Originally Posted by cpsigmtr
What exactly does back lit mean and how do I stop it.
God is the only one who could actually "stop it."

Being back lit pertains to the angle of the sun/lighting in relation with the subject. Any time the nose of a loco isn't fully lit, it can be either referred to as back lit or side lit. I think in your case, and I agree with Dave, the train in side lit. If it were truly back lit, there would be NO sun on the nose.

However, according to the exact wording of the rejection, I don't think you should take the back lit rejection literally:

Poor lighting (Backlit): The image is backlit or doesn't feature enough nose light on the subject.
"or doesn't feature enough nose light on the subject" could easily suggest that it's side lit and they don't think there's enough light on the nose.

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