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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
The rejection reason isn't really arguable though. The image is not exactly creative in composition or editing, and I feel confident that most charter photographers captured very similar shots over the course of the event for no other reason than digital film is cheap and there's nothing else to do. I've did a handful of charters and took many frames that have absolutely nothing going for them and will never be shown because of that.

The image that CW is referencing (Dennis' shot I believe) has the primary subject closer in, with a decent color and sky in the rear of the composition for support. At any rate a point and bark about another shot getting in argument isn't effective here.

Loyd L.
I was referring to Dennis' shot as an example that going away can and does get on but I was trying to point out that even though both were shot within 15 minutes of each other and they were just one day apart, the weather was totally different and (I believe) played the deciding factor in getting the nod or in Sean case, not getting the nod.
Then again it could just be the screener.....and I know all to well about playing the "similar shot already go on" card does not work. My appeal record is just as win less as the 0-5 Snyder Deadskins ....
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