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J-M Frybourg
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No bias at all!

I have made the effort of doing calculations for the entire database. Here are some factual results (oops ... Sorry, I should say "here are some fake news"):

- USA: 494,519 pictures in the Railpictures database (as of June 2 2020) ==> 1758 SC+POTW ==> 3.56 prizes per thousand pictures
- Canada: 47,626 pictures; 154 SC+POTW ==> 3.23 prizes per thousand pictures
- Rest of the World: 132,327 pictures; 243 SC+POTW ==> 1.84 prizes per thousand pictures.

USA = 1.94 times better than rest of the world
Canada = 1.76 times better than rest of the world

You know what? American & Canadian photographers are undoubtedly the best in the World! You should truly be proud.

And also, US & Canada has the most scenic railroad places in the World!

I have no further comments Your Honour
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