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You need to be careful when selling photographs that contain logos or trademarks, as you might be inviting a copyright infringement problem.

For example, selling a photo of a train with BNSF power in which the logos on the locomotives are visible can get you in hot water. Even subjects like photos of John Deere tractors are not accepted because John Deree has copyrighted the green color they use.

I sell photos of many kinds using several of the most popular stock photography sites, but in general they won't even accept a photo with any sort of brand name, logo, trademark, etc. visible. A couple of them will make an exception for images with editorial merit.

Not long ago a friend told me that TTX Corp. was looking for photos of their rail equipment in action. I submitted 12 images to them, they purchased 2 at $250 each. I would not have even been aware of this if not for a heads up.
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