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Originally Posted by RS27
Just wondering on these two - both were rejected [and appealed] on high sun. Seems that the trucks are well lit and not stuck with a monster shadow on them, then again my monitor might not be good enough to pick up something subtle... Both were shot in the later afternoon around 3:30/4 pm I believe [don't have the originals right next to me]
Don't sweat it. I got a high sun rejection on a picture I took around 4pm in the afternoon this past winter (ie: shortest days of the year, sun at its LOWEST angle possible). The shadow from the loco was about 20 feet long off the backside, yet they still gave me a high sun rejection (not to mention there was snow on the ground, contradicting the "summer months" part of the rejection). I laughed so hard that I didn't even bother to appeal it.

As someone else pointed out, the shot you got approved is decent enough. I'd just stick with that and maybe try a solo shot on a day when the sun is at a better angle (morning or evening).

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