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Originally Posted by miningcamper3 View Post
Yes, there is some fine photography coming from Hungary!

Odd quirk: Windows 10 won't save edits to that photo* (along with some others on RP). Wonder what they add to the file to do that.

*Unless I convert it to a TIF file! I made the lights a little less orange.
Deciding what to do with the orange lights is interesting. I have had rejections, hue or something, and had to go back to correct. I guess it depends on the scene, the Blue Hour seems to work better, esp in a shot like this rather than say a street view where the orange can overwhelm instead of complement.. I might have reduced it a little but not claiming that would be better. As an exercise I took the Orange out which results in very dull image but then I move up the orange exposure areas and it looks OK with the actual Orange hue gone.


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