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Smile Multiple flashes

Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Excellent shot! Looks more like available light than flash.
One of the nice things about open flash, using slow panatomic film and small apertures you had shutter speeds of around a minute, so you could walk around and pop multiple flashes wherever you thought the scene needed a bit more light. Thus it did tend to look more like available lighting because of multiple sources.
But of course you had to do a lot of bracketing because you didn't know what you had until the film was developed. Each image was quite an adventure. One more from that cold evening in Chama:

Image © John West
PhotoID: 147162
Photograph © John West

Michael Allen mentioned improvements in Photoshop. I might also add that these old negatives look a lot better after being scanned and processed digitally than anything I could accomplish in a dark room.
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