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Hmmmm.... This looks like a pretty nice photo to me. It would be one thing if it were a weathered CSX diesel, but this is definitely not common power.

I think the other guys have the right idea. The closer you crop, the more it looks like a roster shot or a "hey, here's a train" shot. We know that RP applies tougher standards to those. If you have more frame, show off the scenery around the train. Go wider. If you like, you can probably touch up the nose just a tick with the Lightroom adjustment brush to brighten it up a tad. Be careful. We're talking subtle corrections (Exposure +.10, Shadows +5 max, Contrast +5), and again, only on the dark areas. The rest of the photo looks fine. Personally, I don't think the nose on this engine is too dark, but that's me. When I adjust the dark nose of a backlit steamer, I just want enough detail to look like the human eye would see it......not like the sun was on it. I think your processing is already fine.

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