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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I'm just scratching my head as to why anyone would shoot from this perspective. In my mind, it fails as a documentary photo. It leaves me wanting more detail from the side. In this case, it certainly could have been shot from a lower altitude without obstructions from the fences, but the photographer seems obsessed with including the horizon in the shot. The shot is To24....or was, but as a steam locomotive enthusiast, I can tell from the thumb that it would just leave me frustrated. So why is it To24? Either people are enamored with "Look mom, I'm flying" shots, or it's the result of a linking campaign. Probably the latter.
It got my click for the sole reason that was in a grass median and what appears to be a residential area. Seems to me the location could cause quite a safety issue with the traffic, pedestrians & foamers in both directions.
I agree with you that the current description leaves you with not enough info.

In regards to the OP,
The high sun (which doesn't seem to be high on the rejection list currently) is the biggest killer on an RP acceptance BUT considering that and with some further editing the shot could be brightened up. Mining camper has given you a good start.
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