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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Aside from needing some distortion correction, it's a very nice photo.

Loyd L.
Image © Kevin Burkholder
PhotoID: 735594
Photograph © Kevin Burkholder

And then there is this. Actually I not so predisposed to pick on him but here what I see, the whole building scrunching down and tilted???, the grassy knoll well illuminated, the 7010 trucks have a weird look(might be how they are painted but still weird, the red CP gleaming and 4 Favs. As I mentioned I look for .5 to 1 pct of total views for Fav's, this is .001?? think I got that right, but only 4.

I am kinda conventional but I don't think the whole depot was needed, a crop up, we don't need to see all that nice lawn, and reduce the exposure or the lighting to begin with.????????

I have tons of night shots, some just get rejected, others I write off on my own.


Also not in love with the latest SC, in my opinion not even close to the one I mentioned that did not get one, nice sky, nice light, oh yea and there is a train off in the corner.
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