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Jean-Marc - lots of impressive statistics proving what seems to be an undisputed point. There IS a bias here, no doubt. It's an "American" site flooded with American pictures viewed by a mostly American audience.

As stated by others, people tend to like what they are familiar with. This is why "TRAINS" is big in the US, but perhaps not so much in Europe, while European periodicals are big in Europe, but hard to find here in North America.

Despite this - Europeans that might not otherwise have had an audience in North America do, and most (some more than others)) are eternally grateful! Your pics are among the best on the site, as are Georg Trub's, Brian Stephenson's, Ilya Semenoff's, Phil Cotterill's and a handful of others - not to mention past patrons like Alan Crotty, Michael Rhoades, and Bob Avery.

Patrons foreign to America on RP are as impressive to me as American's appearing in foreign magazines - and vice-versa. I've seen your pics in TRAINS - impressive. I've had pics in a few foreign magazines. I don't have an issue with those periodicals being biased with European pics, lol. I find it all the more impressive when foreigners make the occasional hop. Hopefully, you have not yet tired of seeing Kevin Madore's pics in Europe, lol.

I DO agree, RP should find a way to encourage more European patrons (and stop the sad migration of those who have left). A foreign screener sounds like and excellent idea - you should add it to my "Admin Suggestions" list in the RP Site Related Forum. Removing the linked views from total views or limiting "Top of the Last 24 Hours" to an hour would no doubt increase exposure for many, including foreign submissions.

As for SC's - well, an SC is simply a screener 'favorite". I've never been a fan of highlighting the work of one person based on the opinion of a single person. I've advocated replacing the SC with highlighting based in the skill /or luck of a fantastic image - whether the screener likes it or not. This is basically what the POTW is, but why limit such photos to once a week? Side note here - bet there were a lot more foreign SC's before the likes of those mentioned above fled.

As for the "fish in the barrel" in the West - the West does offer some spectacular views (as if the Appalachians don't, lol), but here in my neck of the woods - Philadelphia, there are people capturing phenomenal photographs. Shoot what you got, lol - there are more than mountains and rivers to capture one's attention. Ever see Dennis Livesey's stuff? Eric Williams? Mitch Go... err, I mean, Andrew Blaszczyk's stuff, Sam Phillip's stuff... Jean-Marc's stuff?!?! Doug, your stuff, as well as pics from Bob Kise, Nate and Tom Nelligan are also fantastic. Hey Mike, it goes without saying your pics are fantastic - stay west of the Mississippi, lol! Kidding, would love to see your interpretation of the Northeast - you are welcome back anytime!

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