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Well, this is interesting.....

Image © Dave Schauer
PhotoID: 739425
Photograph © Dave Schauer

The latest submission from one of the more prolific linkers currently has like 7,000 views, and is at the top when you click the link for "Most Popular - Last 24 hrs", but it does not show on the home page. At the very least, it appears as if this photographer is no longer able to utilize the heavy linking campaign to force his photos to To24. Not sure if that's a blanket change for everybody, or if it is selective. I have noticed that there are several others who have typically done this sort of thing in the past who now appear to have a similar limitation. The views still pile up, but the photos don't make the home page. At the very least, it appears as if Admin is making the effort to address the habitual abuse situations.

Thank you, Admin!!

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