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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
It's nice to have a level playing field. Thanks, Admin!
Well now, I wouldn't say level... the tilt is not as drastic which is welcome.

Still like the idea of limiting images to 1 hour in the "Top of Last 24 Hours".

Everyone can link away - "earn" that hour by campaigning but free it up for those that can earn the spot on quality alone. Gets those Darwin's, derails and Larry's Salvage off the front page quicker, too. With no "penalties", but the 1 hour limit, I would love to see work from Georg Trub return to the front page - links or not, it's great photography that should be highlit. Also, I'd have to imagine it is rather discouraging to some patrons whose photography merits the visibility. No need to further discourage the best of the best from posting.

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