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Default BNSF vs. UP

In light of the CSXT vs. NS discussion by King Air, I figured I would start an equivalent thread for BNSF and UP. Now for my opinion.

Because I'm from the east, I've spent less time roaming these lines, but nevertheless, I have a favorite. Just last week I was able to spend a couple hours on a UP main and a few days on a BNSF main. As I watched the BNSF trains, nothing about them excited me much more than that they were trains. Yes, I like there paint scheme and there SD70M-2s. But it really wasn't that impressive. On Thursday, last week, I was able to spend a couple hours by a UP main and I really got excited. Excited by the UP spirit. BIG. The American spirit they support (not that BNSF is un-American) and the Heritage spirit. I wasn't able to see any but I appreciate UP's desire to advertise there past. In my few hours there, UP made me proud to be an American, proud to be a railfan, and even more excited about trains (is that possible?).
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