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Default RP - some thoughts on the screening process (and suggestions how to change it).

Hi all,

I'm relatively new here, only joined RP back in February.
The idea of reaching more people (a more international audience so to speak) appealed to me and because I already had over 300 pictures on the European equivalent of RP, I felt confident enough to upload my pictures.
So far so good, the first picture was posted on Feb. 23rd and I was off and rolling.
Shortly after that however a first picture was rejected, the reason being "- Composition (Balance): The subject is awkwardly positioned in the frame."

Now I had to read through this a few times because I really didn't understand why a perfectly good picture would be rejected.
But fair enough, I went back to the drawingboard and changed the composition a bit. The train was now visibly no longer in the center of the frame (it wasn't in the first try either but that's not the point).
I uploaded the picture again but to no avail, it was rejected again (same reason).

Hmm, what to do? I looked in the forum and found a thread with alle the rules and possible rejection reasons.
I also found out that a single person decides if a picture is accepted or not which I found quite odd to be honest.
Nevertheless, I continued uploading pictures and every now and then a picture was accepted.
Roughly the same amount of pictures were rejected as well, for reasons that I still cannot fathom (not even today).

Below I will show you a few examples of pictures that were rejected (by the way, some have won POTW on the aforementioned European site).
Now I would have written this in the forum way back in March or April but I had to wait till just now before finally getting acces to the forum.
I wrote to the administrators half a dozen times back in April as well.... never got a reply..

At this point I would like to explain how the European site works (and why this system would be great for RP).
There are currently 23 screeners who can rate a picture with a + (positive vote), a - (negative vote) or a 0 (indecisive).
If a picture is uploaded, the screeners have 72 hours to rate the picture. Only if a picture has more positive than negative votes, will it be accepted onto the site.
So, for example, if 9 screeners give a +, 7 screeners give a minus and 7 are undecided, the picture will be accepted.
If a picture has 12 + votes (and therefor mathematically it cannot be rejected anymore), it is automatically accepted - even if the 72 hours haven't passed.
And if not every screener rates a picture, that's not problem either. As long as a picture has a positive result, it will be accepted.

More importantly, the screeners write comments during screening. They don't use text blocks (that sometimes don't make no sense) but they will write a comment regarding that particular picture.
So instead of wondering what "awkward positioning" really means, you would now what exactly was the problem.

And, equally important, the rejected pictures land in a queue where they will remain for seven days and where the screeners comments can be read by everybody (not just by the person who uploaded the picture).

In my opinion this is a system that works a lot better because:

A - you get precise feedback regarding your picture
B - it is not just a single screener who decides if a picture is accepted or not
C - The screeners can't hide behind text blocks, otherwise they will obviously face scrutiny.

So, back to my rejections. After a while I just gave up because the rejection reasons were to silly.
It actually became a laughing matter, I occasionally uploaded a picture every now and then while almost expecting a rejecting.
And the problem is, there are so many rejection reasons to choose from that you can literally reject every single picture on RP. Some are conflicting as well, the train cannot be in the center of the picture or there is too much "dead space" (that one was hilarious as well). On the other hand, the train should not be too close to the edges.. For every picture that is rejected, you can find at least 100 similar pictures on RP that were accepted.

But it shouldn't be like this.... and it doesn't have to be like this.
I don't think it would be very hard to find 25 or even 50 screeners who are willing to participate in the screening process. And instead of 72 hours you can make it 24 hours.
You just need an open mind and a willingness to chance the process..

Now here are a few examples of rejected pictures (links to the European site).

The first time you'll have to click the red link /galerie/ds_galerie.... in the green part of the screen (you only have to do this once)..

and the list goes on and on...

I hope to get a discussion going here. Maybe it is a European thing and I just don't get the way things are done on the other side of the pond.
If so, than that's fair enough and RP is clearly nothing for me.
But actually I do hope that a few people can see my point and agree with me..#

Either way, I'm looking forward to reactions...

Kind regards

René - which is a male first name over here by the way
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