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My first posting to the RP Forum/s. Firstly I want to thank the forum contributors (well those that regularly give constructive and valid help and criticism) - I've learned a lot from all of you from the sidelines and appreciate this very much! I also want to make a single comment relative to the original post above (and I say this with respect). Why should the RP screening process be changed to please a contributor and / or a new one at that? I think the RP screeners do a sterling job, sure some rejections are hard to swallow at the time, but if you can't fix your rejections just move on and try again at a later stage when you are more familiar with the RP screening requirements and rejection reasons. Four years ago when I started out on RP I banged my head big time with rejected photos, but I stuck it out (I'm thankful too for the help and advice my friends and fellow RP contributors from South Africa have given me - Fanie Kleynhans, Eugene Armer and Greg Hart. I read and reread the forum topics and posts and really spent all my spare time browsing and re-browsing the tremendous photos that the RP database contains. I'm now proud to be part of the RP experience and I'm grateful to the screeners for their time in screening the photos I submit (even the rejected ones) and I think they do a great job!

Best regards - Charles

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