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The system you describe has the potential to be an improvement, but it still depends on the talent of the screeners. Is the average opinion of a lot of mediocre critics better than the opinion of one brilliant individual (to use extreme examples). Clearly RP is somewhere in between, but the point is the process is only part of the issue. You can put a lot of effort into creating a complex system but it still depends very much on the people running it. And that is particularly true of art. Different people have very different ideas of what is a good image.

Janusz make a very good point, RP is just one of many venues where you can enjoy rail photography. Rather than try to create one perfect site, which is unlikely to happen because of the nature of the beast, I think it is better to enjoy (and select from) a diversity of sites, which can better reflect the huge variety of artistic styles and subjects.

I also have to agree with Charles, even though I would not be quite so effusive about my praise of RP. But the give and take here, the comments, even my rejections over the years have helped improve my photography. Even if you don't always agree with the rejections or the comments, they still help you become more critical of your own work (and in some cases say screw the screeners, I like it my way). In a sense, the rejections, as controversial as they might be, are what make this place interesting and different.

Getting back to the RP screeners (a favorite topic here), we focus way too much on the rejections. What really fascinates me is some of the stuff they accept. You really have to sift through a lot of mud to find a few gems.
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