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Hi Janusz / Hi Charles,

thank a lot for your replies.

Charles, you Worte the following " when you are more familiar with the RP screening requirements and rejection reasons".
But how when rejections are random?? As I said, my "favorite" is the awkward positioning".
Let's have some fun here shall we.. Since you obviously familiar with the rejection reasons, why don't you look at my pictures and tell me why they were deleted. I mean, that shouldn't be so hard, right?

Janusz, why do you need to the rejection reasons? Just tell me what is wrong with the pictures..
And if you cannot finden a reason... well, that's my point.

Regarding the European Seite, the screeners do all the screening in their spare time and there is no compensation (why would there be - it's only a hobby).
Obviously there aren't that many pictures uploaded onto that site (roughly 10 - 20 a day). And with 25 screeners it isn't that time-consuming.
On RP, you have four screeners for 100 - 150 pictures a day. So it is safe to say, that a screeners takes just a few seconds for every picture. And if for whatever reason, the screener can't be bothered, he'll just reject the picture.

As I wrote, you can litteraly reject every single picture on RP (even the Screeners choice and PCA awards) with one of the rejection reasons...

And noch worries, I do realise that screening is just the opinion of two (or four) people (which is what this whole thing is about) and this is of course not about Europe versus America (we'll save that for the Ryder cup)

Kind regards

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