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Originally Posted by Rene de Vries View Post
Janusz, why do you need to the rejection reasons? Just tell me what is wrong with the pictures..
And if you cannot finden a reason... well, that's my point.
and ... we get to a fundamental point. Because you are asking the wrong question. "What is wrong with the pictures" is the wrong question. The right question is "what is wrong with the pictures with respect to the (stated/unstated) criteria used by RP?" There is no one standard for what makes a picture right/wrong or better/poorer. There are certain things that most or even pretty much all agree on, but lots of things they don't agree on. In turn, different websites will screen according to different criteria.

This is why we can't tell you what is wrong with the pictures. We can see the screener reason, and then point out, or speculate, as to what the screener meant, for RP acceptance. Don't take it as a final judgement on the photo. Absent that, yes, we could speculate. I won't speak for others, but my response is that such an exercise is less than productive. It can be hard to figure out what the screener is thinking, especially if the image is generally good overall. Photo quality is subjective and you seem instead to be approaching the issue as being a knowable truth.

I haven't even brought up screener (human) inconsistency yet ...
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