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Cool My wish list

Looking more broadly at the general subject Rene is raising, it certainly would be nice to have some kind of more thoughtful "jury" process for reviewing train pix. But as Kevin points out, that is unlikely to be this place. But perhaps some group of serious photogs, perhaps under the auspices of the Center for Railroad Art and Photography, or perhaps just some kind of ad hoc group might come up with something like that. But one prerequisite would have to be a membership screening process to cut down on the sheer volume of submissions, and increase the quality to make it interesting for serious screeners. The good news is photo clubs seem to do this sort of thing successfully, or at least I think so. The bad news is I doubt that it will happen, too much work, not enough benefit, too many other things to do. Occasionally I hear of things along this line, but then they fade away. Or maybe its just that they don't invite me.
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