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Originally Posted by Rene de Vries View Post

Now here are a few examples of rejected pictures (links to the European site).

The first time you'll have to click the red link /galerie/ds_galerie.... in the green part of the screen (you only have to do this once)..

and the list goes on and on...

I hope to get a discussion going here. Maybe it is a European thing and I just don't get the way things are done on the other side of the pond.
If so, than that's fair enough and RP is clearly nothing for me.
But actually I do hope that a few people can see my point and agree with me..#

Either way, I'm looking forward to reactions...
These are really good. RP's loss.

Some rocks will probably come my way for saying this, but I think that the average Drehscheibe photo is better than the average RP photo.

Change here? The owners' personal preferences seem to be set in stone. The biggest supposed improvement was "expanded rejection reasons", but rejections are nearly as much of a guessing game now as before the change.
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