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Smile Creeping multi-nationalism

Originally Posted by Noct Foamer View Post
I do think there is a distinct difference in how most European photographers approach things vs Americans. This seems ESPECIALLY true with trains. Here, that kind of photography is much more specialized, and I'll say more "formulaic*". European photos tend to be more about the landscape (yours especially,) where American photos seem to concentrate mostly on the engines.
I couldn't agree more. I have enjoyed traveling with groups of German and British rail photographers, and it is an interesting learning experience because their approach does tend to be different. Not right or wrong, just different. However, there has been so much interaction that the styles are getting blended. If you go on any of the major rail photo shoots, you will usually find quite a multi-national mix, both of the photographers and the photo ops offered. Glints and back lit for the Brits, lots of scenery (big country small train) for the Germans, and loco centric 3/4 front views for the the risk of a LOT of oversimplification.
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