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I've shot scenes numerous times in an attempt to not cut off features in a scene - some features, often noticed after the fact. Others might care less if half a person's body is in a scene, only 9/10ths of a catenary pole is captured, or you got yourself half a red Nissan pickup truck, ect.

Even in your fantastic PC bound image:

Image © Janusz Mrozek
PhotoID: 494352
Photograph © Janusz Mrozek

I might have been tempted to go just a hair wider or compose in such a way as to not cut off the steel table legs and maroon SUV. Still, I see even you made an attempt to keep certain details part of the scene, such as the red chair and white window pane.

I'm just acknowledging that as one who shoots often enough to see these details, that I can appreciate the effort. Some folks are just happy to get the train.

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