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Originally Posted by NathBDP View Post
I'm pretty sure Gary Knapp uses multiple exposures of a scene then splices them together in post, like he'll shoot the scene without the train, then setup the strobes for the train, expose for the train then combine the two in photoshop.

If you read the end of the article So.......It Was You! By: Gary Knapp and Mitch Goldmans comment (third one) on this,
Image © Gary Knapp
PhotoID: 262350
Photograph © Gary Knapp

it'll be obvious that multiple flashes were used for the shots.

Image © Gary Knapp
PhotoID: 244711
Photograph © Gary Knapp

Here six of them are countable on the right of the frame, and the spectacular effects are results of perfect positioning and setup.

Though I'd really appreciate some technical hints about the images, but after those uncountable hours standing out in the night mastering these, I truly understand why won't the author provide even exif information.

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